It’s Not Enough For Joe Biden<br /> To Simply Be Human

It’s Not Enough For Joe Biden
To Simply Be Human

Donald Trump lowered the bar to the point where Liberals are just happy to have someone who is not a raving lunatic in charge, but it’s not enough. 

By David Todd McCarty | Saturday, December 12, 2020

Joe Biden didn’t run on the idea that he was the candidate of the future. He ran on the promise that he was a transitional candidate, the guy who could bring stability to a sinking ship, and nothing more. When the boat is sinking, anyone who plugs the hole is a hero, but just because you took off your sock and stuck it into the hole, doesn’t mean we should let you steer the ship on your own. Joe Biden, while being a seemingly decent human being, is the product of a life devoted to the political establishment, one that has systematically disenfranchised the poor, women and people of color in America in deference to rich, white men.

If progressives don’t push Biden to the left, he’s going to be pulled to the right in an attempt to console conservatives. If he doesn’t feel the need to placate a progressive agenda of change, he will spend the next four years simply trying to get back to where he left off four years ago. We can’t afford to keep moving backwards. The status quo was nothing to write home about. 

Having vision is about anticipating the future. Traditionally the difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals were open to new ideas and eager for change, while conservatives felt tradition and stability were more lucrative. Who the hell knows what anyone believes these days, but suffice it to say that conservatives hate liberals for being liberal and liberals hate conservatives for hating them. 

At some point we really need to be talking about real policy choices and if you are only aiming for what you want to hit, you’re going to fall short in the face of serious headwinds. You have to aim higher than you even hope to end up. 

America can’t afford incremental measures in the face of a never ending storm. We’re thinking about patching the roof while the entire foundation is being comprised by a rising tide. We have to think bigger. We have to be better. 

Good enough is not good enough. 

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