Democrats Look To Regain A Foothold in Middle Township With Quanette Vasser-McNeal

Democrats Look To Regain A Foothold in Middle Township With Quanette Vasser-McNeal

The Middle Township Committee is controlled by Republicans since losing Michael Clark’s seat in 2019 and maintain a slight edge in registered voters within the competitive township.

By David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Cape May Court House — A small crowd of about thirty supporters gathered in front of the County Clerk’s office on Main Street in Cape May Court House, to hear Quanette Vasser-McNeal announce her candidacy for Middle Township Committee. 

“I am a lifelong resident of this beautiful county, with generational roots dating back to the 1890s,” began Vasser-McNeal. “I was born and raised in West Cape May, where my grandfather Jack Vasser served as mayor for twenty-seven years. He was a third-generation farmer and business owner who inspired me to believe and achieve. I watched my mother, a strong woman, with a loving, gentle soul, work tirelessly as a certified nursing assistant throughout this county. She taught me the importance of being independent and instilled in me the confidence needed to navigate through life. My father, God rest his soul, often said, ‘Quan, whatever it is you gonna do, be the best at it.’ So, Dad, I’m giving this one my best.”

According to a press release, the Middle Township Democratic Club and Cape May County Democratic Committee announced their support for Quanette Vasser-McNeal’s candidacy. Brendan Sciarra, Chairman of the CMC Democratic Committee, also pledged to support Quanette and stated that her leadership, community involvement, and activism illustrate her ability to represent Middle Township.

“I’m here to do the work,” said Vasser-McNeal. “I am dedicated to helping evolve the Township Committee into a leadership group that reflects the makeup of our community and a more thorough vision of what issues are important to our entire community.”

A longtime resident of Middle Township, Quanette Vasser-McNeal, and her husband have raised their blended family of biological and adoptive children in Whitesboro for over 20 years. She earned a degree in Social Work from Stockton University while building a business and raising a family as a single mom. Currently, she is a state-certified social worker and active realtor. Vasser-McNeal is a business owner and has operated a hair salon in Cape May County for 18 years. She currently serves as an executive board member for Habitat for Humanity, Vice President of Middle Township Democratic Club and advises on the Middle Township Law Enforcement Engagement Committee, County Prosecutor’s Social Justice Committee, and Cape May County NAACP.

“My grandfather taught me that living in a community requires that those of us with a shared vision for bettering our community, also share in the responsibility of doing the work,” Vasser-McNeal said. “I look forward to working for that betterment and serving all residents of our Township.” 

If elected, Vasser-McNeal would be the first woman of color elected to Middle Township Committee. There are currently no women, or people of color, serving on the committee, even though the county is 17% non-white and women are a slight majority. 

“I am running for office to promote a more inclusive governing body,” said Vasser-McNeal. “Achieving diverse representation lends itself to a more sophisticated body of leaders who can effectively serve the whole community. I am a candidate for all the people, with an added passion to bring understanding and voice to the concerns of women, minorities, and individuals who feel their voices, ideas and needs have gone unmet and unheard. My conviction and passion to serve provides the confidence necessary to advocate and stand for what is right. I will strive to provide understanding of the diverse needs in our community. I will advocate for policies and actions that build greater economic opportunity, protecting the safety of all of our residents, and promote pride for all of our community. To better assure a better representation for all, it is time for a more inclusive Middle Township Committee.

Incumbent Committeeman Deputy Mayor Theron “Ike” Gandy announced back in January that he would be seeking a second term and is endorsed by the Republican Party. According to the Cape May County Republican Party website, Gandy operated his own construction business for several years and now serves as a Foreman in Carpenters Union Local 255. He resides in Swainton, NJ.

Mayor Tim Donohue won re-election in 2020 and Committeeman Jim Norris is not up for re-election until 2022. Gandy, Donohue and Norris are all white men from the Republican Party.

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