Category: Justice

There’s Something About Mary

David Todd McCarty- November 25, 2021

On this day of Thanksgiving, we can no longer turn a blind eye to those who lack everything simply because we feel blessed by God. ... Read More

Police Detectives Charged With Lying About Bar Fight In North Wildwood

standardeditor- April 15, 2021

New Jersey State Police Detectives Charged With Falsifying Reports About Their Conduct During Physical Altercation In Bar In North Wildwood Press Release: April 15, 2021 ... Read More

Middle Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Stolen Guns in Cape May Court House

standardeditor- April 9, 2021

Middle Township Police Make Arrest In Burglary and Theft of Handguns in Cape May Court House CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE — The Middle Township Police Department ... Read More

South Jersey’s Sanctuary City Designations Are A Haven For Violent Extremists

David Todd McCarty- April 8, 2021

Cape May County was one of six to declare themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries, giving legitimacy to the anti-government attitudes of violent extremist groups such as ... Read More

New Jersey Man Steals Police Car, Fatally Shot After Chase

standardeditor- April 6, 2021

BUENA VISTA, B.J. (AP) — A driver involved in a crash in southern New Jersey stole a police car and led officers on a chase ... Read More

“This Political Climate Got My Brother Killed”: Officer Brian Sicknick Died Defending the Capitol. His Family Waits for Answers.

ProPublica- January 10, 2021

Brian David Sicknick, 42, died of injuries sustained while trying to protect the Capitol. Family members say they don’t want his death politicized. But they ... Read More

Florida Man Who Went Viral For Stealing Podium Identified

standardeditor- January 8, 2021

A photo of a smiling man in a stocking cap, strolling through the Capitol building on Wednesday, in the middle of a siege of protestors ... Read More

Defund The Police Was A Raging Success And Everyone Missed It

David Todd McCarty- December 3, 2020

Despite all the hand-wringing by conservative Democrats over the Defund The Police slogan, as a pure messaging strategy, it was an astonishing success that was ... Read More

Non-Violence Isn’t A Just Moral Imperative, It’s A Superior Strategy

David Todd McCarty- November 1, 2020

Research shows that organized, non-violent civil resistance is twice as effective at enacting social change than violence, making turning the other check a strategic imperative, ... Read More

The Future Of The Supreme Court

Kyle Morgan- September 25, 2020

While Democrats call for packing the court, others see just another backlash that would further destabilize our already fragile democracy. By Kyle J. Morgan, Ph.D. ... Read More