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Defund The Police Was A Raging Success And Everyone Missed It

David Todd McCarty- December 3, 2020

Despite all the hand-wringing by conservative Democrats over the Defund The Police slogan, as a pure messaging strategy, it was an astonishing success that was ... Read More

Why We Can’t Be Friends

David Todd McCarty- November 8, 2020

A response to those who believe that their Trumpism is merely a political position or a matter of personal opinion. by David Todd McCarty | ... Read More

I Believe In America

David Todd McCarty- October 19, 2020

America has historically considered itself to be a theocratic society controlled by a secular government, but we are now facing a crisis where faith might ... Read More

Trump Country Without Trump Is Just Plain Old Corruption Without The Clown

David Todd McCarty- October 7, 2020

Cape May County likes to think of itself as Trump Country but very soon all that will remain will be an unprincipled value system and ... Read More

The President Is Cooked

David Todd McCarty- October 6, 2020

Shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and not losing support might still be on the table for the President but it hasn’t done anything to garner ... Read More

It’s Going To Get Worse

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

No one expects Donald Trump to be magnanimous if he loses the election, but neither do we know what he’s capable of when he has ... Read More

The Quiet Rage Of The Left

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

People see the Trump flags and the yard signs, the raucous rallies and the truck stop merchandise, and they fear that’s where the country’s energy ... Read More

It’s Not The End Of The World, But You Can See It From Here

David Todd McCarty- October 2, 2020

Our future is in a precarious position, as we face the very real likelihood of a steep economic downturn, a lingering pandemic, civil unrest and ... Read More

Thank You For Voting, Here’s Your Balloon

David Todd McCarty- October 1, 2020

Election Day should not only be a national holiday, a mandatory day off for all but essential workers, but it should be a celebration of ... Read More

It Doesn’t Matter That Your Trump-Loving Uncle Can’t See That The End Is Nigh

David Todd McCarty- September 30, 2020

After four years of interminable assault at the hands of an abusive charlatan, America is waking up to the fact that we don’t have to ... Read More