Category: Satire

Arguing With Idiots

David Todd McCarty- November 2, 2020

When it comes to conversing with the feeble-minded—those simpletons who choose to live in an alternate universe of invented facts and magical thinking—we now require ... Read More

White House Criticizes Bob Woodward For Taking President Seriously

David Todd McCarty- September 9, 2020

With the release of his latest book “Rage,” an in-depth look at President Trump’s first term, many White House staffers are at a loss on ... Read More

Senator Rand Paul Subpoenas Tooth Fairy

David Todd McCarty- September 2, 2020

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky Subpoenas Tooth Fairy's Business Records On Accusations Of Breaking And Entering, Biohazard Misappropriation, Collusion and Bribery. By David Todd McCarty ... Read More

Mmm Mmm Good

David Todd McCarty- September 2, 2020

Campbell’s Soup Company Sees Stock Futures Jump On Reports Of Possible Rekindling Of A Trump-Sponsored Civil War. By David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, September 2, ... Read More