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Restoring Pride In The Stars And Stripes

David Todd McCarty- January 20, 2021

It’s time to restore the valor that has been stolen by those who have appropriated the American flag as a symbol of hate and division. ... Read More

We Have To Stop Trusting Our Leaders To Do The Right Thing

David Todd McCarty- December 10, 2020

After just granting a waiver to allow Trump to subvert the law, Biden is requesting the same grace, asking America to ignore not only the ... Read More

The Godless Piety Of American Idealism As Reality Television

David Todd McCarty- December 9, 2020

America’s national preoccupation with rugged individualism, self-righteous morality, divine exceptionalism and naked greed has finally jumped the shark. By David Todd McCarty | Sunday, December ... Read More

The Problem With White Men

David Todd McCarty- October 29, 2020

More than any other single demographic, it’s infinitely arguable that white men are responsible for the vast majority of America’s social ills. By David Todd ... Read More

I Believe In America

David Todd McCarty- October 19, 2020

America has historically considered itself to be a theocratic society controlled by a secular government, but we are now facing a crisis where faith might ... Read More

A Walking Hard-On

standardeditor- September 17, 2020

We hate everything, are easily bored, quick to distraction, have more brawn than brains, believe we already know everything, sulk if we don’t get our ... Read More

All Hail The Dead Presidents

David Todd McCarty- August 27, 2020

America has a class system based on wealth not hereditary title, which unlike other cultures, allows us to worship wealth, if not the wealthy. By ... Read More

These Unprecedented Times: America’s Existential Crisis

David Todd McCarty- August 20, 2020

It’s become an overused epithet, "these unprecedented times," to describe the chaos we’re experiencing, but we should recognize that there is literally no precedent for ... Read More

America’s Battle Fatigue

David Todd McCarty- June 17, 2020

American doesn’t actually win wars anymore—not on foreign soil against enemy combatants, nor in the service of domestic social issues—we simply drift away out of ... Read More

There’s Something I’ve Been Trying To Tell You

David Todd McCarty- May 31, 2020

What White America misses every time there is civil unrest in Black communities due to police violence. By David Todd McCarty | Sunday, May 31, ... Read More