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America Sits At The Nexus of Fear, Rage, and Despair

David Todd McCarty- May 3, 2022

There is no part of American society that has escaped the terror, fury, and sorrow that has engulfed our daily lives There have been a few ... Read More

End Of An Era

David Todd McCarty- November 4, 2021

State Senate President Steve Sweeney Upset By Unknown Truck Driver By David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Senate President Steve Sweeney, the second ... Read More

New Jersey Organizations Demand Strong Response To Insurrectionists

standardeditor- January 11, 2021

More than 60 New Jersey organizations sign on to a letter demanding the immediate removal of President Donald Trump and the prosecution of all those ... Read More

It’s Not Enough For Joe Biden To Simply Be Human

David Todd McCarty- December 12, 2020

Donald Trump lowered the bar to the point where Liberals are just happy to have someone who is not a raving lunatic in charge, but ... Read More

Defund The Police Was A Raging Success And Everyone Missed It

David Todd McCarty- December 3, 2020

Despite all the hand-wringing by conservative Democrats over the Defund The Police slogan, as a pure messaging strategy, it was an astonishing success that was ... Read More

The Improbable Demise Of American Honor

David Todd McCarty- September 24, 2020

President Trump has led America into a headlong retreat from global leadership on a host of issues from human rights to democracy, but it is ... Read More

Weak Tea In New Jersey’s Deep South

David Todd McCarty- September 13, 2020

In deep red Cape May County, the Democratic Party has long lacked the moral compass needed to lead an opposition movement, leaving them feckless and ... Read More

The Myth Of Waiting Your Turn

David Todd McCarty- August 19, 2020

Americans believe in fairness, almost above all other things, but even as meritocratic as we believe ourselves to be, we are still willing to accept ... Read More

The Deepest Cut

Melisha Anderson- August 18, 2020

Racial and gender stereotypes have long been weapons used to cut down and belittle women of color, but it’s a stark reminder of where we ... Read More

The Iniquity At Play In The Promise Of Party Unity

David Todd McCarty- July 29, 2020

Upstarts, dissidents and revolutionaries have always been told to be patient, that we all have to work together, that it’s not yet our turn. But ... Read More