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End Of An Era

David Todd McCarty- November 4, 2021

State Senate President Steve Sweeney Upset By Unknown Truck Driver By David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Senate President Steve Sweeney, the second ... Read More

It’s Not Enough For Joe Biden To Simply Be Human

David Todd McCarty- December 12, 2020

Donald Trump lowered the bar to the point where Liberals are just happy to have someone who is not a raving lunatic in charge, but ... Read More

Defending America

David Todd McCarty- November 11, 2020

Republicans have been trying to defund America for decades, attempting to delegitimize government by attacking everything from public education to affordable healthcare and social security—and ... Read More

The Quiet Rage Of The Left

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

People see the Trump flags and the yard signs, the raucous rallies and the truck stop merchandise, and they fear that’s where the country’s energy ... Read More

Peaceful Revolution Is The Moral Imperative Of Every American

David Todd McCarty- September 28, 2020

One man’s idea for how America can finally become the greatest country on earth by doing nothing more than finding the courage to realize the ... Read More

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom Of Night Could Stop Them—Twas The Swamp

David Todd McCarty- August 21, 2020

It’s a strange time in America when citizens feel they have to defend the United States Post Office against an attack from the President himself. ... Read More

The Resistance Needs A Better Brand

David Todd McCarty- June 9, 2020

The very strength of the Democratic Party—a wonderfully diverse coalition of people and ideas—is precisely what makes it suck so badly at branding. By David ... Read More

Do Black Lives Matter—To The Democratic Party?

David Todd McCarty- June 4, 2020

Will The Black Lives Matter movement finally be embraced by the Democratic Party establishment, or just co-opted momentarily as an expedient political weapon to defeat ... Read More

The Confidence Game

David Todd McCarty- May 12, 2020

Democrats suffer from a lack of focus not because they can’t come up with a winning game plan but because they keep trying to fix ... Read More

Judge Rules Against Democratic Party County Committees

David Todd McCarty- April 7, 2020

Judge Savio’s ruling vacated the decision of both the Cape May and Atlantic County Democratic Executive Committees to suspend Committee elections until June 2021. By ... Read More