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Rep Jeff Van Drew Calls For Fencing To Be Removed Despite Threats To Capitol

David Todd McCarty- April 2, 2021

Two weeks after the Congressman introduced a bill to remove fencing surrounding the Capitol, a police officer has been killed after a car rammed a ... Read More

An Open Letter To Congressman Van Drew

standardeditor- January 11, 2021

By Ted Kingston and Helen Duda | January 11, 2021 Congressman Jeff Van Drew: Your involvement in fanning the flames of the insurgency is unacceptable. ... Read More

Weak Tea In New Jersey’s Deep South

David Todd McCarty- September 13, 2020

In deep red Cape May County, the Democratic Party has long lacked the moral compass needed to lead an opposition movement, leaving them feckless and ... Read More

Angry And Afraid

David Todd McCarty- August 30, 2020

There is a new silent majority in America—a peculiar coalition of Leftist Progressives, establishment Democrats and moderate Republicans who recognize how dangerously close this republic ... Read More

A Party Of Convenience. A Path To Power.

standardeditor- July 22, 2020

Democrats firmly hold the reigns of power in New Jersey, so why do so many of those elected to office seem to lack the ideological ... Read More

Posts From The Trump Rally And Counter Protest

David Todd McCarty- January 31, 2020

By David Todd McCarty | Thursday, January 30, 2020 A selection of images from the day. <!-- wp:gallery {"ids":,"ampLightbox":true} --> Read More

The Outsider

David Todd McCarty- May 17, 2018

"South Jersey deserves a real Democrat,” Nate tells me. “Senator Van Drew's voting record is more like a Republican's on issue after issue. He voted ... Read More