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Mmm Mmm Good

David Todd McCarty- September 2, 2020

Campbell’s Soup Company Sees Stock Futures Jump On Reports Of Possible Rekindling Of A Trump-Sponsored Civil War. By David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, September 2, ... Read More

The Chilling Effect

David Todd McCarty- August 1, 2020

The Supreme Court has ruled that authorities need not directly prohibit specific speech in order to have a chilling effect on the freedom of expression ... Read More

America Burns As Protestors Attempt To Curb Rioting Police

David Todd McCarty- June 5, 2020

With each new video, police departments across the nation continue to prove that they can no longer be trusted to protect the American people. By ... Read More

The Revolution Will Be Televised

David Todd McCarty- June 4, 2020

With the preponderance of cameras in modern life, everyone is being filmed all the time, and fortunately for the American public, so are the police. ... Read More

I Can’t Breathe

standardeditor- June 2, 2020

https://vimeo.com/424921842 Produced by Hopping Frog Studios, LLC for The Standard. Read More

America Needs Stacey Abrams And We Need Her Right Now

David Todd McCarty- June 1, 2020

America doesn’t need to heal, so much as it needs to grow the f*ck up. By David Todd McCarty | Monday, June 1, 2020 Anytime ... Read More