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In today’s political climate of attacking the press as “fake news” as a strategy to deflect blame, independent journalism, and a free press are more important than ever to a healthy democracy. Supporting news organizations is critical to keeping our institutions accountable and in check.

Nowhere is that more important than in local news, but this is most often where it can become the most compromised. The traditional newspaper model is still largely reliant on advertising dollars for support, so consequently there inevitably develops a conflict of interest between powerful business interests and the public’s right to know what’s going on in their community.

We are doing our best to investigate and report on stories that otherwise would not get told, and to share insight into issues happening nationally and around the world through the lens of how it might affect the readers back home.

Please consider donating what you can, and if possible, make it a monthly donation. We will remain a non-profit publication but your donations will allow us to grow and broaden our ability to report on the news. We will start with subscribing to the Associated Press (AP) News wire service, which will give us state and national news programming, in addition to our original reporting.

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