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Weak Tea In New Jersey’s Deep South

David Todd McCarty- September 13, 2020

In deep red Cape May County, the Democratic Party has long lacked the moral compass needed to lead an opposition movement, leaving them feckless and ... Read More

A Party Of Convenience. A Path To Power.

standardeditor- July 22, 2020

Democrats firmly hold the reigns of power in New Jersey, so why do so many of those elected to office seem to lack the ideological ... Read More

Cape May County Democratic Party Ends Fight To Suspend Committee Elections

David Todd McCarty- April 15, 2020

After losing a court battle and in the face of growing opposition from progressives, County Chair Brendan Sciarra stands down. By David Todd McCarty | ... Read More

If The Democrats Are Willing To Suppress The Vote Imagine What The Republicans Are Willing To Do

David Todd McCarty- April 10, 2020

Even after losing their case in court, the Democratic Committee Chairs in Cape May and Atlantic Counties continue their fight to retain power by manipulating ... Read More