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The Pessimism Of The Democratic Party Is A Self Fulfilling Prophesy

Pessimism within the Democratic Party, particularly those who identify as moderate or conservative, impedes actual achievement because they assume change can only happen incrementally. By David Todd McCarty | Tuesday, August 20, 2019 The Democratic Party does not represent one idea of what success looks like, but a whole range of ideas from what is preferable to what is possible. In the wake of the ...

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The Young Are At The Gates

The young are the gates indeed. With today's inertia of demonstrations and protests, it might be helpful to look back at another time, one hundred years ago, to a different sort of movement. The women's suffrage movement and read what one leader, by then an elderly woman, had to say about the reckless youth. Lavinia Dock, "The Young Are At The Gates," June 30, 1917 ...

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The Myth Of Self Reliance

Why Republicans Don’t Recognize White Supremacy. By David Todd McCarty On March 12, 2018, the Facebook page for the Cape May County Young Republicans shared a story titled, “A Restaurant Is Charging White Customers More To Highlight Racial Wealth Inequality” with the comment, “Thoughts?” This was an article about a restaurant in New Orleans who wanted to raise awareness of racial wealth differences in the ...

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