Tag: Police Brutality

A Rational Response To Perpetual Atrocity Is Rage

David Todd McCarty- September 9, 2020

When you are being massacred in the streets by the authorities with impunity, you don’t stop to ask for a permit to express your outrage, ... Read More

The Revolution Will Be Televised

David Todd McCarty- June 4, 2020

With the preponderance of cameras in modern life, everyone is being filmed all the time, and fortunately for the American public, so are the police. ... Read More

I Can’t Breathe

standardeditor- June 2, 2020

https://vimeo.com/424921842 Produced by Hopping Frog Studios, LLC for The Standard. Read More

There’s Something I’ve Been Trying To Tell You

David Todd McCarty- May 31, 2020

What White America misses every time there is civil unrest in Black communities due to police violence. By David Todd McCarty | Sunday, May 31, ... Read More