Tag: Republicans

All Our Sons

David Todd McCarty- January 7, 2021

Republicans of every stripe and stratum are expressly responsible for America’s shameful decline and must be held accountable if there is any hope of redemption. ... Read More

Defending America

David Todd McCarty- November 11, 2020

Republicans have been trying to defund America for decades, attempting to delegitimize government by attacking everything from public education to affordable healthcare and social security—and ... Read More

The Quiet Rage Of The Left

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

People see the Trump flags and the yard signs, the raucous rallies and the truck stop merchandise, and they fear that’s where the country’s energy ... Read More

The Wages Of Sin

David Todd McCarty- August 17, 2020

America’s conservatives have abandoned all that was once holy to them, trading in their crumbling economic theology for a decadent orgy of greed and self-indulgence. ... Read More

A Failure Of Imagination

David Todd McCarty- July 24, 2020

The inherent limitation of Conservatism in America comes down to a lack of imagination. You can’t dream about a brave, new world if you lack ... Read More

Fear And Loathing In Cape May County

David Todd McCarty- July 24, 2020

Trumpism has affected all areas of public life in America but nowhere has it felt more significant than right here in our remote seaside community ... Read More

These Are Not The Facts You’re Looking For

David Todd McCarty- June 4, 2020

A new era of disinformation, ushered in by a powerful conservative media universe, has threatened democracy in ways the Framers never could have anticipated. By ... Read More

The Confidence Game

David Todd McCarty- May 12, 2020

Democrats suffer from a lack of focus not because they can’t come up with a winning game plan but because they keep trying to fix ... Read More

Democrats Are The New Moral Majority

David Todd McCarty- February 6, 2020

Trump and his new Republican Party have abdicated any semblance of morality in favor of their own hubris and given the Democrats a path to ... Read More

The Left’s Purity Dilemma, or Don’t Get Fooled Again

David Todd McCarty- January 8, 2020

Democrats are fighting a battle between those who want progressive ideals and those who desire a centrist appeal. The question isn’t whether are they fighting ... Read More