Category: Housing

There’s Something About Mary

David Todd McCarty- November 25, 2021

On this day of Thanksgiving, we can no longer turn a blind eye to those who lack everything simply because we feel blessed by God. ... Read More

Your Objections To Development Are Counter-Productive

David Todd McCarty- October 4, 2021

The objections to most real estate development are too often misguided and ill-informed, leading to an unintended effect. By David Todd McCarty | Monday, October ... Read More

Mary, Covered In Roses

David Todd McCarty- June 7, 2021

Who are we, that we can so easily turn away in response to pain and need and sorrow, with the taste of death so fresh ... Read More

Code Blue Is No April Fool’s Joke

standardeditor- April 1, 2021

Despite signs of spring, temperatures are expected to drop below freezing on Thursday and Fright nights, making for dangerous conditions for those who are sleeping ... Read More

Cape May’s Untouchables

standardeditor- April 1, 2020

A cry for help for Cape May's most vulnerable during a time of crisis. By Barbara Skinner | April 1, 2020 Upon first glance, those ... Read More

The Cost Of Homelessness in Cape May County

David Todd McCarty- February 14, 2020

A married couple in their forties, both with debilitating medical issues, fight for their lives in Cape May County where the average household income is ... Read More

The Myth Of American Justice: Falling Through The Cracks Part Two

David Todd McCarty- September 23, 2019

The concept of justice and fairness is deeply woven into the fabric of the American identity. The problem is, it doesn’t really exist. By David ... Read More

Falling Through The Cracks: Part One

David Todd McCarty- August 21, 2019

Anyone who has ever tried to navigate the endless maze that is social services in America will tell you that it's designed to frustrate you ... Read More

Invisible Walls

David Todd McCarty- February 28, 2018

This is part of an ongoing series on homelessness in Cape May County. By David Todd McCarty | Friday, February 23, 2018 I’m sitting in ... Read More