Tag: Coronavirus

A Boat Full Of Holes

David Todd McCarty- August 23, 2020

For reasons that defy logic, most school districts in New Jersey are choosing to approach the pandemic as if it were a challenging new curriculum ... Read More

An Acceptable Loss

standardeditor- July 26, 2020

As school districts prepare to reopen with a pandemic still raging, the argument for doing so is simply that the loss of life is unavoidable ... Read More

America’s Battle Fatigue

David Todd McCarty- June 17, 2020

American doesn’t actually win wars anymore—not on foreign soil against enemy combatants, nor in the service of domestic social issues—we simply drift away out of ... Read More

The Coronavirus Has Proven That Greater Transparency In Government Is Possible

David Todd McCarty- April 15, 2020

From City Council to the Supreme Court, the coronavirus has taught us that public-access, live-streamed government is not only possible, but healthier for democracy, and ... Read More

If The Democrats Are Willing To Suppress The Vote Imagine What The Republicans Are Willing To Do

David Todd McCarty- April 10, 2020

Even after losing their case in court, the Democratic Committee Chairs in Cape May and Atlantic Counties continue their fight to retain power by manipulating ... Read More

Gov Murphy Announces New Stricter Measures Concerning Social Distancing in New Jersey

David Todd McCarty- April 8, 2020

In an effort to further restrict the spread of the coronavirus, the Governor moved the primary election back a month, and prohibited all non-essential construction ... Read More

Victoria Manor Coronavirus Outbreak Reports First Fatality

David Todd McCarty- April 7, 2020

A day after it was reported that fifteen residents and eleven staff at Victor Manor, a long-term nursing care facility in Lower Township, Cape May ... Read More

The Perils Of Living In Trump Country During A Pandemic

David Todd McCarty- April 6, 2020

With a hesitant, reluctant and bungled response from the Trump administration, combined with a Conservative media that continues to downplay the coronavirus pandemic, many Red ... Read More

Cape May County Announces Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Site for Cape May County Residents

standardeditor- April 3, 2020

While not open to everyone, with strict criteria for who may be tested, there is nonetheless finally a testing facility open in Cape May County. ... Read More

The Difference Between Trusting In God and Testing Him

David Todd McCarty- April 3, 2020

Communities of faith are increasingly ignoring expert medical advice to not cluster because they believe God will protect them from harm. By David Todd McCarty ... Read More