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Book Banning Is Only The Tip Of The Spear

David Todd McCarty- February 23, 2022

The radical Right is turning to the levers of local government in their culture war for white Christian supremacy By David Todd McCarty | Tuesday, ... Read More

A Push to Remove LGBTQ Books in One County Could Signal Rising Partisanship on School Boards

ProPublica- February 23, 2022

A Texas county’s refusal to remove two books from the children’s section of the library sparked a yearslong political battle. Now school board races have ... Read More

Award-Winning Children’s Author Greg Pizzoli Planning A Virtual Visit To Cape May

David Todd McCarty- March 13, 2021

The creator of Good Night Owl, Baloney And Friends, and Tricky Vic is being hosted by the Cape May County Library for a reading and ... Read More

Gold, Lies, And Genocide In The New World

David Todd McCarty- October 12, 2020

Despite an attempt to glorify the explorer with a mythologized history, Christopher Columbus was a brutal profiteer who slaughtered countless unarmed natives and enslaved tens ... Read More

Social Distancing Fails At Ocean City High School

David Todd McCarty- September 9, 2020

A photo taken by an anonymous student shows roughly sixty 9th and 10th graders in the main gym with few wearing masks and little in ... Read More

The Covid Kids Are Alright

David Todd McCarty- September 7, 2020

Despite the existential dread over the disruption of your third grader’s future due to missing intramural football and the school cafeteria, your kid is going ... Read More

The Problem With The Pledge Of Allegiance

David Todd McCarty- August 25, 2020

They tell you to put your hand over your heart, signifying your willingness to commit your life, and pledge that life to a country you ... Read More

A Boat Full Of Holes

David Todd McCarty- August 23, 2020

For reasons that defy logic, most school districts in New Jersey are choosing to approach the pandemic as if it were a challenging new curriculum ... Read More

Why I Don’t Worry About My Kids Falling Behind

Danielle Davies- July 28, 2020

What one parent's experiences with homeschooling reveal about what you can expect and what you shouldn't fear with remote learning. By Danielle Davies | Tuesday, ... Read More

Any Plan To Reopen Schools This Fall Is Irresponsible And Negligent

David Todd McCarty- July 27, 2020

Educators speak out about their concerns, fears, and frustrations concerning the possible return to in-class instruction at the height of a deadly pandemic. By David ... Read More