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Get Vaxxed If You Want To Play Indoors

standardeditor- December 15, 2021

Philadelphia To Require Vaccine Proof For Indoor Dining And Entertainment PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to dine indoors at bars, ... Read More

You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated, Now What?

David Todd McCarty- March 8, 2021

According to the CDC, even after you’ve been fully vaccinated, you still need to follow precautions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. By David ... Read More

The Disney Queue Of Vaccinations

David Todd McCarty- February 27, 2021

There is a natural inefficiency to the vaccination program in America that is likely intentional even if accidental. By David Todd McCarty | Friday, February ... Read More

It’s Going To Get Worse

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

No one expects Donald Trump to be magnanimous if he loses the election, but neither do we know what he’s capable of when he has ... Read More

Trump’s October Surprise

David Todd McCarty- September 18, 2020

Even if a vaccine somehow became readily available before the election, it’s doubtful that it would have any real impact on the election. By David ... Read More

Social Distancing Fails At Ocean City High School

David Todd McCarty- September 9, 2020

A photo taken by an anonymous student shows roughly sixty 9th and 10th graders in the main gym with few wearing masks and little in ... Read More

The Covid Kids Are Alright

David Todd McCarty- September 7, 2020

Despite the existential dread over the disruption of your third grader’s future due to missing intramural football and the school cafeteria, your kid is going ... Read More

A Boat Full Of Holes

David Todd McCarty- August 23, 2020

For reasons that defy logic, most school districts in New Jersey are choosing to approach the pandemic as if it were a challenging new curriculum ... Read More

Why I Don’t Worry About My Kids Falling Behind

Danielle Davies- July 28, 2020

What one parent's experiences with homeschooling reveal about what you can expect and what you shouldn't fear with remote learning. By Danielle Davies | Tuesday, ... Read More

An Acceptable Loss

standardeditor- July 26, 2020

As school districts prepare to reopen with a pandemic still raging, the argument for doing so is simply that the loss of life is unavoidable ... Read More