Tag: Empathy

The Weight Of Empathy

David Todd McCarty- October 30, 2020

The enormous cost of being empathetic in a fractious world, the danger of melting snow, the merits of unconditional love, the wisdom of dogs, and ... Read More

The Quiet Rage Of The Left

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

People see the Trump flags and the yard signs, the raucous rallies and the truck stop merchandise, and they fear that’s where the country’s energy ... Read More

A Failure Of Imagination

David Todd McCarty- July 24, 2020

The inherent limitation of Conservatism in America comes down to a lack of imagination. You can’t dream about a brave, new world if you lack ... Read More

The Myth Of Self Reliance

David Todd McCarty- March 15, 2018

Why Republicans Don’t Recognize White Supremacy. By David Todd McCarty On March 12, 2018, the Facebook page for the Cape May County Young Republicans shared ... Read More