Tag: Joe Biden

The Return of the Regulators

ProPublica- February 3, 2021

Like them or revile them, federal agencies seem poised to regain some of their traditional powers under the new administration. But it’s not clear how ... Read More

It’s Not Enough For Joe Biden To Simply Be Human

David Todd McCarty- December 12, 2020

Donald Trump lowered the bar to the point where Liberals are just happy to have someone who is not a raving lunatic in charge, but ... Read More

We Have To Stop Trusting Our Leaders To Do The Right Thing

David Todd McCarty- December 10, 2020

After just granting a waiver to allow Trump to subvert the law, Biden is requesting the same grace, asking America to ignore not only the ... Read More

Angry And Afraid

David Todd McCarty- August 30, 2020

There is a new silent majority in America—a peculiar coalition of Leftist Progressives, establishment Democrats and moderate Republicans who recognize how dangerously close this republic ... Read More

The Dumbest Person In The Room

standardeditor- August 16, 2020

Good leaders surround themselves with experts, those smarter than themselves, and instead rely on their ability to listen, delegate and inspire. By David Todd McCarty ... Read More

America Needs Stacey Abrams And We Need Her Right Now

David Todd McCarty- June 1, 2020

America doesn’t need to heal, so much as it needs to grow the f*ck up. By David Todd McCarty | Monday, June 1, 2020 Anytime ... Read More