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America Sits At The Nexus of Fear, Rage, and Despair

David Todd McCarty- May 3, 2022

There is no part of American society that has escaped the terror, fury, and sorrow that has engulfed our daily lives There have been a few ... Read More

Democrats Look To Regain A Foothold in Middle Township With Quanette Vasser-McNeal

David Todd McCarty- March 31, 2021

The Middle Township Committee is controlled by Republicans since losing Michael Clark’s seat in 2019 and maintain a slight edge in registered voters within the ... Read More

The Power Of The People

David Todd McCarty- January 29, 2021

In arenas as far-reaching as financial markets, government, communications, and entertainment, the supremacy of once all-powerful elites is now being challenged by a collective hoard ... Read More

The Myth Of Waiting Your Turn

David Todd McCarty- August 19, 2020

Americans believe in fairness, almost above all other things, but even as meritocratic as we believe ourselves to be, we are still willing to accept ... Read More

Trampled By Turtles

David Todd McCarty- July 28, 2020

It’s time for Democrats to get off the matt and stop being paralyzed by the pit of despair. As a famous Spaniard once said, “Let ... Read More

Defunding The Police: The Culture War Democrats Are Afraid To Fight

David Todd McCarty- July 15, 2020

The problem with “defund the police” as a slogan isn’t it’s inaccuracy, lack of nuance, or failure to represent the true position of most liberals, ... Read More

The Resistance Needs A Better Brand

David Todd McCarty- June 9, 2020

The very strength of the Democratic Party—a wonderfully diverse coalition of people and ideas—is precisely what makes it suck so badly at branding. By David ... Read More

No Country For Smart Men

David Todd McCarty- May 13, 2020

The reason your brother-in-law chooses to believe a game show host over knowledgable experts and what it means to your health and safety. By David ... Read More

The Pessimism Of The Democratic Party Is A Self Fulfilling Prophesy

David Todd McCarty- August 20, 2019

Pessimism within the Democratic Party, particularly those who identify as moderate or conservative, impedes actual achievement because they assume change can only happen incrementally. By ... Read More

The Outsider

David Todd McCarty- May 17, 2018

"South Jersey deserves a real Democrat,” Nate tells me. “Senator Van Drew's voting record is more like a Republican's on issue after issue. He voted ... Read More