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White House Criticizes Bob Woodward For Taking President Seriously

David Todd McCarty- September 9, 2020

With the release of his latest book “Rage,” an in-depth look at President Trump’s first term, many White House staffers are at a loss on ... Read More

Why The Trump Show Won’t Get Picked Up

David Todd McCarty- June 23, 2020

America is so easily distracted that it elected a television conman, but his reality-style Presidency won’t get picked up for a second season because America ... Read More

Can America Survive Until November?

David Todd McCarty- May 14, 2020

With an election just six months away—one that will undoubtedly change the trajectory of the country one way or another—we have cause to wonder if ... Read More

No Country For Smart Men

David Todd McCarty- May 13, 2020

The reason your brother-in-law chooses to believe a game show host over knowledgable experts and what it means to your health and safety. By David ... Read More

The Perils Of Living In Trump Country During A Pandemic

David Todd McCarty- April 6, 2020

With a hesitant, reluctant and bungled response from the Trump administration, combined with a Conservative media that continues to downplay the coronavirus pandemic, many Red ... Read More