The President Is Cooked

David Todd McCarty- October 6, 2020

Shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and not losing support might still be on the table for the President but it hasn’t done anything to garner ... Read More

Embattled Mayor Tim Donohue Gets A Strange Bedfellow In Seth Grossman

standardeditor- August 20, 2019

After a controversial Op-Ed appeared in Jersey Saves—a far right conservative news blog—disgraced Republican Congressional candidate Seth Grossman comes to Donohue’s defense. The Standard | ... Read More

No Longer A Hypothetical

David Todd McCarty- October 13, 2020

Trump has flirted with authoritarian rhetoric, but our real concern should be the current attack on democracy itself by the forces of greed and religious ... Read More

No Country For Smart Men

David Todd McCarty- May 13, 2020

The reason your brother-in-law chooses to believe a game show host over knowledgable experts and what it means to your health and safety. By David ... Read More

The Covid Kids Are Alright

David Todd McCarty- September 7, 2020

Despite the existential dread over the disruption of your third grader’s future due to missing intramural football and the school cafeteria, your kid is going ... Read More

The Value Of Living This Life

David Todd McCarty- July 12, 2020

Navigating the balance of life in the middle of a pandemic and unprecedented uncertainty. By David Todd McCarty | Sunday, July 12, 2020 I came ... Read More

Imposters To The Left Of Me, Idiots To My Right

David Todd McCarty- August 3, 2020

The demise of expertise, the democratization of information, the glorification of amateurism, and the death of debate in America. By David Todd McCarty | Monday, ... Read More

A View Of Goshen In Winter

standardeditor- March 11, 2021

A new showcase of 40 works of art, created by local artists, will be on display in Goshen’s Sperlak Gallery & Sculpture Garden Goshen, NJ ... Read More

New Female Snow Leopard Arrives In Cape May County

standardeditor- March 8, 2021

Cape May County Zoo Announces the Arrival of Snow Leopard Monday, March 8, 2021 CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE, NJ -- The Cape May County Zoo ... Read More

The Myth Of Self Reliance

David Todd McCarty- March 15, 2018

Why Republicans Don’t Recognize White Supremacy. By David Todd McCarty On March 12, 2018, the Facebook page for the Cape May County Young Republicans shared ... Read More