A Boat Full Of Holes

David Todd McCarty- August 23, 2020

For reasons that defy logic, most school districts in New Jersey are choosing to approach the pandemic as if it were a challenging new curriculum ... Read More

Objective Journalism Does Not Entail Telling Both Sides

David Todd McCarty- January 12, 2021

We have a myth in America that there are two sides to every story, which is only true with arguments and not with factual reporting. ... Read More

The Quiet Rage Of The Left

David Todd McCarty- October 5, 2020

People see the Trump flags and the yard signs, the raucous rallies and the truck stop merchandise, and they fear that’s where the country’s energy ... Read More

No Country For Smart Men

David Todd McCarty- May 13, 2020

The reason your brother-in-law chooses to believe a game show host over knowledgable experts and what it means to your health and safety. By David ... Read More

The History of Juneteenth

standardeditor- June 19, 2020

Everything you ever wanted to know about the historic holiday but were afraid to ask. Republished with permission courtesy of JUNETEENTH.COM Juneteenth is the oldest ... Read More

Falling Through The Cracks: Part One

David Todd McCarty- August 21, 2019

Anyone who has ever tried to navigate the endless maze that is social services in America will tell you that it's designed to frustrate you ... Read More

Thank You For Voting, Here’s Your Balloon

David Todd McCarty- October 1, 2020

Election Day should not only be a national holiday, a mandatory day off for all but essential workers, but it should be a celebration of ... Read More

The Difference Between Trusting In God and Testing Him

David Todd McCarty- April 3, 2020

Communities of faith are increasingly ignoring expert medical advice to not cluster because they believe God will protect them from harm. By David Todd McCarty ... Read More

Victoria Manor Coronavirus Outbreak Reports First Fatality

David Todd McCarty- April 7, 2020

A day after it was reported that fifteen residents and eleven staff at Victor Manor, a long-term nursing care facility in Lower Township, Cape May ... Read More

The American Way

David Todd McCarty- September 7, 2020

Americans have a long history of throwing off the yoke of oppression, and we have always glorified the violence necessary to do so when it ... Read More